Monday, April 18, 2005

Three word weekend

3 word weekend Posted by Hello

So my favorite radio station (KFOG if you're curious) does this call in thing on Mondays occasionally - describe your weekend in three words. Mine would be flowers, fire and feast (no, it doesn't require alliteration but it's more fun for me).

Flowers would be for the outdoor spring cleaning we did. Getting annuals planted and cleaning up the flowerbeds. Scrubbing the patio furniture and re-oiling the wood. Scrubbing the patios, cleaning off the ping pong table - just getting ready for spending more time outside.

Fire would be for the fire I almost started by leaving an oil soaked rag sitting on a wood table in full sun. I walked by as I was getting ready to take my daughter to a party and thought I'd take the rag in and rinse it off. I picked it up and found it was sizzling and smoking and about two seconds from bursting into flames. I got it before it left a mark on the table.

And finally - the feast would be the birthday dinner we had for my sister-in-law's 40th birthday. We had Indian food - split pea and lentil curry, eggplant curry, rice, cucumber raita, crackling cauliflower, chapati, pappadum and some fresh mango with pineapple. I was cooking for most of the week but it was worth it. We finished the evening with a vegan chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese filling, topped with frosting and chocolate curls - of course all this leads to a fourth and fifth word - feeling fat. Oh well. It was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!! those early spring days when you work outside all day long and the weather is totally FABOO are my favorite!!!!!
(no really--they are)