Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Tuesday nights we have Mexican food. For this Tuesday's menu we had:

Bean and cheese enchiladas (made with this enchilada sauce). These enchiladas were quite good (though the picture doesn't look so appealing - my family has only so much patience with me while I photograph the food). This makes a very generous amount of filling so I think next time I will use only two cans of beans. Also, I didn't use all the sauce from the recipe - but I did use too much. The "cheese" sauce really works in this recipe - it's good.

We also had a salad - obviously I left the chicken out of this recipe and I used my homemade tofu "feta" instead. I'd had this recipe years ago from Bon Appetit magazine and couldn't find my copy. I knew I'd find it online somewhere and I did.

Daughter #2 doesn't like Mexican food (which, if she didn't look so much like me, would convince me there had been a switch in the hospital - dh and I both LOVE Mexican food). She does like taquitos though so she had her own meal of Trader Joe's soy chorizo and potato taquitos.


larissa said...

mmmm... i love mexican food too! i'm sooooooooooo hungry right now! - larissa

Harmonia said...

Veg-Mexican Food...my fave!