Friday, February 24, 2006

It's the cheesiest

I try making vegan cheese recipes whenever I have a chance. Recently I made the "Hot or Cold Tangy Chedda Sauce" from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook and the "Crumbled Tofu Cheddar" from The Real Food Daily cookbook.

The sauce worked really well. I made several different things with it:

Macaroni and cheese - I found that by adding a little bit more salt to this finished dish it gave my kids Kraft flashbacks ;-)

I used it as a topping on my crockpot chili - it was really good for this...

A topping on fajitas (seitan with peppers and onions) - again, very good for this dish. I also used it to top the refried beans and then baked them:

Finally - the crumbled tofu cheddar. This recipe reminded me very much of tofu "egg" salad but much more seasoned. I wasn't sure of its cheese qualities but I used it to top a tostada and it was pretty good:

If I had to pick between the two I'd probably pick the cheese sauce because it was really versatile. The crumbled tofu cheddar was very simple to make however and we liked it a lot (once I got over the thought that I was putting egg salad on my tostada!)

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Harmonia said...

Thank you for the wonderful info & Pics! I will have to check those books out!