Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Pizza

Tuesdays are usually Mexican food in our house but as I've mentioned before, kiddo number two isn't wild about Mexican food. And since it was Valentine's Day I wanted everyone to be happy so instead I made heart-shaped pizzas and a caesar salad. We also had a very late dinner - daughter number one has rehearsals every night from 4-7 and daughter number two has lacrosse every night from 7-9:15. It kind of puts a crimp in the family dinner hour. So I promised we would eat together no matter how late.

I used one package of the Follow Your Heart cheese and I had enough to make four different pizzas:

Veggie ham, tomatoes, sliced olives and tofu feta:

Veggie ham and pineapple:

Veggie pepperoni and sliced olives:

Sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and tofu feta:

Everyone was happy and there are leftovers for today - I love that.


larissa said...

aw, those heart shaped pizzas are too cute. hope you had a great valentine's day. love,

Laura said...

Look at you bloggin' again! You're putting me to shame...
Ok, I'm fully expecting my own personal cute pizza in August!

Harmonia said...

Lovely, indeed! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! I wish I lived at your house!