Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baja tofu tacos

I was so happy with tonight's dinner. Back in the old days I really liked fish tacos (funny that, since I never really liked fish!). So tonight I made tofu "fish" tacos using this recipe for the fish (they were awesome Jennifer!). I've made vegan fish and chips before but that recipe has a beer batter - which while wonderfully tasty - wasn't what I wanted on the tacos. So I made the tofu fish sticks and kept the pieces rather small. I served them on handmade corn tortillas (not made by my hand mind you), shredded green cabbage, thinly sliced avocado, pico de gallo and a spicy avocado dressing (which I cheated and bought at a taqueria!). They rocked! I served them with black beans simmered with jalapenos and cilantros and a salad of thinly sliced romaine, sliced black olives, grape tomatoes, pepitas, crushed blue corn chips and a dressing of salsa mixed with tofu sour cream (about 2:1).


larissa said...

oh my gosh! that looks good. fish tacos are a favorite of mine. i'll have to try this sometime! - larissa

Patty said...

boy those look good. I am off to the kitchen now to make some tofu fish sticks !

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I was never a fish fan but those are really, really great looking tacos! And don't feel bad about buying the avocado sauce, I do that too, make 90% homemade and then throw in a great premade item.

Guinnah said...

Larissa - is your daughter (sorry, her name escapes me at the moment) still eating vegan? How's it going?

Patty - I hope you make them - it was an easy recipe :-)

Jess - I know, I didn't really like fish either but always liked the tacos. I just liked all the sauces and stuff!