Thursday, March 30, 2006

Breakfast for dinner

I always figure out menus for the week on Sunday and do the shopping on Monday. Tonight was supposed to be a team dinner for my daughter and I was to be there helping out. Well it got moved to tomorrow night so I really didn't have anything planned for tonight. And I really didn't feel like going shopping.

So it's not a dinner to write home about (or probably blog about) but there ya' go. Some nights are just like that! I went through the freezer, the fridge and the pantry and we ended up with breakfast for dinner.

We had shredded hashbrowns - made with raw potatoes - not frozen hashbrowns. My mom used to make these and while the raw potatoes taste different than using cooked, shredded potatoes or frozen ones it's the way I like it best. Crispy on the outside, lots of pepper - yum

And here's our vegan "Sausage McMuffin" - an English muffin with the Whole Foods Market vegan breakfast sausage and a slice of tofutti American cheese. We also had fresh grapefruit that was wonderful. Not health food to be sure but fast, easy and certainly no one complained!


Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

I just wanted to say that the last few posts looked so good! I want to do the "fish tacos" and Kwaytiow Paht Si-Yu when I get back from Grand Rapids. You also reminded me of my Mom's Swiss Steak, and that I used to do a veg version of it and haven't made it in years-- basically my "beefy" seitan with a sauce made of 1/2 vegan brown gravy and half spaghetti sauce (you can use leftovers)-- sounds weird, but it's good!-- cooked with onions and carrots, and served with mashed potatoes. Yum!

Patty said...

We often end up with breakfast for our evening meal, just because we didn't plan anything for that night or we hiked so long, i didn't feel like cooking a big meal in a few minutes time.
We love our hash browns that way, and often we use peruvian purple potatoes just for the fun of it. Great colors !