Saturday, March 11, 2006

Chocolate Turtle Truffle Torte

We had dinner with friends last night and I said I would bring dessert. In the mood for something new I wandered over to vegweb.com and found this recipe for Chocolate Turtle Truffle Torte. It is extremely decadent and just the tiniest serving is plenty! It went together easily, though I made it sort of late in the day so I had to let it set up at their house. It looks even better today so I would recommend making it a day in advance so everything really sets up. The chocolate layer is intense - I think you could get away using less chocolate and still have a great dessert. And slightly less guilt :-)


Dreena said...

Oh yum, yum, YUM!!! I love that kind of decadent dessert that you just need a small piece of. I'm wanting it now!! :)

Guinnah said...

It is really rich - I think it might be nice made in a square cake pan and cut into squares. very small squares ;-)

Eat Peace Please said...

This looks wonderful Nancy. Can I bookmark you? By the way, I knew a woman that made "vegetarian people food" for her dog and he was thriving and healthy at 15 years old... I just haven't seen them in a while to know now (years later). I would love to cook for my cat, but he likes a lot of things that I make for myself.

Guinnah said...

Thanks - I'd like to add a link to your page as well. I always feel so encouraged reading your blog :-)

My dogs do get some canned meat sometimes because I haven't done enough research (IMO) to go completely vegan for them. But they don't get a lot!

Anonymous said...
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Candyce Roberts said...

Hi Guinnah, I am a CSA member and dietitian in Pleasanton. I LOVE your blog and art design work. Good on ya! I see that you like taking walks with your dog and wondered if Road Warriors 2010 is something that might peak your interest too ..hopefully it will be a "so I was thinking I might join the tribe" response...it's a way I dreamed up to help our wounded vets and make more out of our own road time...www.roadwarriors2010.blogspot.com
Let me know what you think.

thanks for the inspiring website! Candyce Roberts