Thursday, March 02, 2006

Guys and Dolls

Tonight was the official opening night of the high school musical (they are performing Guys and Dolls). Here is our very own doll upon her arrival home, still wearing stage makeup

Everyone was tired of the fend-for-yourselves approach to dinner lately so I pulled a dish out of the freezer for tonight. Manicotti stuffed with a spinach-tofu "ricotta." I was worried it would be too dry so I made a cheese sauce recipe from the Uncheese Cookbook to go over the top before I put it in the oven. We had a caesar salad with this dressing and a kalamata olive baguette from Trader Joe's.

Not exactly fine dining - for atmosphere we sat in front of the TV and watched The Real World Key West - but it was better than anything else I've managed this week. I'm so looking forward to Sunday when the musical is over.


Harmonia said...

HI! I posted some food pictures!@

Guinnah said...

Harmonia I tried posting a comment on your blog but I was blocked. Sigh. I promise there was no spam in my comment (not even a vegan version ;-))

Laura said...

She is gorgeous! Gosh, she looks so much like her mama!
BTW- You always make me so hungry here!!!