Sunday, March 26, 2006

Kwaytiow Paht Si-Yu

Tonight's dinner was Kwaytiow Paht Si-Yu (rice noodles with broccoli and dark soy sauce), Thai cucumber salad and spring rolls (actually they were vegetable lumpia). The link I found for the recipe is slightly different than what is in the cookbook. I used some Braggs in place of the fish sauce, 1 lb tofu that I'd browned earlier, no egg and the original doesn't call for molasses but rather the dark sweet soy sauce which is what I used.

For the salad I just used cucumber and red onion and topped it with chopped peanuts in a dressing of vinegar, water and sugar (equal parts - simmered on the stovetop to dissolve sugar, then cooled). The salad recipe also comes from the Real Thai cookbook and I just make a simplified version.

If I were cooking just for hubby and I there would have been something HOT in the noodles. But we just added crushed red pepper and chili sauce at the table. The girls both love these noodles but not if they are too spicy. It was a very well-liked dinner!

Postscript to last night's dinner - both my kids have commented on the green beans we had last night and have asked me to make them again soon!

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Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Fabulous dinner! Brian would love this!