Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Taco Tuesday

We pretty much always have Mexican food on Tuesdays so my daughter calls it Taco Tuesday. As it turns out, tonight we did have tacos :-). We got a late start on dinner so I used smart ground taco flavor instead of making my own filling (I usually make a filling with TVP). Some sliced romaine, shredded Follow Your Heart cheddar, chopped tomatoes and Wildwood soy sour cream and they were pretty good! I served these with refried beans, sliced jicama and grapefruit.

We've been getting such good grapefruit lately. I really long for the variety of fruit that the summer will bring - our nectarine and peach trees have blossoms on them (we just have one of each), the fig trees are sprouting tiny green leaves - even my strawberry plants wintered over and have blossoms on them. I love oranges but they are losing their charm.


sam said...

spring.... you're making me jealous! Our peach and plum trees way up here just barely have buds showing, and it's too soon to tell how many strawberry plants have survived. I think I'll have violets blooming by next week, though, if the sun stays out...

Julie said...

That fruit looks so good---in fact, I am going to have one of my tangelos right now!

Taco Tuesday--I love it. We should have that at my house. Healthy, Fun, and Cheap!

Guinnah said...

Susan - I'm using the term "spring" quite loosely - it's been raining for weeks now. But I have hope!

Julie - we've been eating a ton of citrus and as much as I like it, well you know - it's getting old!