Friday, March 24, 2006

Tofu Bacon

I make tofu bacon essentially following this recipe. I find that you need to cook it in several batches (I slice the tofu very thin) but it doesn't need a lot of oil. Just patience. I end up using more of the soy sauce/liquid smoke combination than this recipe calls for.

Last night however, I knew I would be in a time crunch so no time for patient stove-top cooking. So I sliced the tofu thin and put it on a baking sheet sprayed with canola oil. I then brushed the soy sauce/liquid smoke on the tofu strips (both sides) and sprinkled it with nutritional yeast. I gave it another spray of oil and then cooked it in the oven. I didn't cook it long enough for it to get crispy the way it does when you fry it but you really couldn't tell once it was on the sandwich. But for a more authentic crispy "bacon" the stove-top method works well.

This is a shot of the fried version before being tossed with the soy sauce and nutritional yeast.


Shawn Powers said...

Thanks! That's quite an answer to my previous comment!!!

I'll try it for sure. :)

Julie said...

The tofu bacon looks yummy! Thanks for posting the link.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Where do you get liquid smoke? I asked someone from WFM and he just gave me a weird look, they don't carry it.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

I was reading Shawn's comment in the previous post and I agree with him about the tempeh. The kids won't even touch it. (Well, actually, the 2 yr old did, just to play with it!)

Guinnah said...

I think I got the liquid smoke at a local grocery store - not a big chain store. It's usually with the steak sauce and stuff like that - so not an area you're probably used to shopping! Here is a link that shows what the bottle looks like. I get the hickory seasoning one.