Thursday, April 27, 2006

10 minutes to dinner

Thursdays are such busy days for us - I should probably just plan Thursdays as a takeout night. Plus we had an incredibly warm beautiful day today so I worked out in the backyard a good part of the day and didn't give much thought to dinner preparation. I arrived home with H at 6:30 and had to have her back at school by 7:00 for music. By 6:45 we were back in the car and she was eating her dinner on the way. I think I threw something together in record time and it was actually really good.

I used the Soy Vay Wasabiyaki sauce which we love. If you don't like hot things don't be put off by the wasabi - the dressing/marinade isn't spicy. I quickly chopped some napa cabbage, shredded some carrot and rinsed some pea pods and threw them in the pan, added a few packages of yaki soba noodles then the dressing. It was done in less than 10 minutes. I rinsed the box of organic strawberries I'd just picked up and we were out the door.

I was feeling pretty good about the fact that she was at least eating something from home and not a drive-thru window, she was getting some vegetables and some fruit - yada, yada, yada. Not ONCE while I was driving her to school did I think "what about some protein" or "gee, some tofu would have been good in this" and it's a shame I didn't. Because maybe then I would have recalled the pan of marinated tofu I put UNDER THE BROILER while I was making the noodles. Thank goodness my husband was home and all the windows were already open because it was so hot outside. I'm typically very careful about this kind of thing but I was rushed and definitely not "in the moment."

As my husband would say, "oh guinnah"


KleoPatra said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that happened to you!! I'm so glad your husband was home and the windows were open.

You have such a good sense of humor about this.

And that is very interesting looking tofu, very artsy. :o)

Sometimes not being "in the moment" is our way of de-stressing... I have those moments on occasion as well.

Life is never dull...

I am a huge Soy Vay fan. I was so excited to find out that the peeps that started Soy Vay went to one of the coolest, crunchiest colleges around - Humboldt State University. (My beau went there and he is so proud of the Soy Vay'ers bein' fellow alums.)

Those strawbs looks scrumptious!!

Nancy said...

Hi Kleopatra - you like my blackened tofu shot?? :-) I didn't know the Soy Vay'ers were from Humboldt. So are you a Humboldt Honey by association? ;-)

The strawberries were the best I've had this year and rivaled some of the very best I bought last year at Whole Foods (and these were from the ever expanding organic section at Safeway - a store I despise but there's one right near my daughter's tutor).

Happy Friday!!

Dreena said...

This is priceless, Nancy!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I left the burner on twice last week - on low, but still!! Also, I realized this morning that I had a container of frozen bananas that SHOULD be in the freezer somewhere, but is now missing. I'm sure to find it in some drawer one day, all thawed out and nasty - icck! I am so distracted by the kidlets and stuff that I am often 'not in the moment' - unfortunately.

On the upside, those noodles look very delish - more-ish as well! Thanks for that sauce link - I haven't tried it before so now I will be on the lookout!

KleoPatra said...

guinnah, as i prepare for a short jaunt to my home state of Illinois, i must go on record: California is such an incredible state... don't you agree?!

And i felt so at home throughout Humboldt County! My beau and i took a trip there last year and i was enamored, to say the least, with everything i saw, from the university to all of Arcata and Eureka, as well as into Trinidad and Patrick's Point.

Wow, how i love California...

Anyway, back to the blackened tofu. The photo honestly looks like something i would put in a frame... i mean it. (Maybe i'm just weird but i think it's a really cool shot!)

i'm still relieved there were no serious problems involved with the tofu situation.

Where's Shakespeare when you need'm? Instead of "The Taming of the Shrew" he might've called this work "The Flaming of Tofu."

Happy weekend and week ahead!

Nancy said...

Kleopatra I will agree - I love California! Have a great trip to Illinois :-)

Dori said...

Good blog... we all need to know what not to do. Okay, onto a confession comment (to help you celebrate the black tofu moment): I forgot I stored some mustard that I had made in jars in an oven that we slightly warm once, forgot they were there and then later turned the oven on to 350 degrees to reheat..... five pint jars of mustard literally exploded all over my oven (glass broke and all). It was a mess to clean up. I have also burned a pan of pinto beans so bad I had to throw the pan away.

Nancy said...

Thank you Dori for the shared confessional :-) Such a shame about that mustard though. My mom used to always dry bread in the oven and I can't tell you how many times she would have a tray of bread in the oven and turn it on to heat up. I come by it naturally I reckon!

Ruth said...

I recently discovered your wonderful blog. As a mom of three teens, I can really relate to your tofu story! Things can get so hectic. Glad nothing terrible happened. :)

Shawn Powers said...

Since we're confessing...

I have a bad habit of shoving dishes into the oven if unexpected guests pull in the driveway, and there are dishes that need to be washed. Our kitchen is the first place people walk into, so if it is slightly "lived in" it looks really bad.

Anyway, we've lost some tupperware that was left in the oven when it was turned on... Now THAT'S a mess to clean up!

Nancy said...

Okay - melted tupperware trumps scorched tofu!! I love these kitchen confessionals :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Ruth - I bow to you living with three teenagers. Wow :-) I'm glad you stopped by!