Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chickpea salad sandwich

I made lunch today (turns out no one is into my habit of "fend for yourself" at lunchtime - go figure). We had sandwiches with a spread made from chickpeas. I used two cans that I simmered for a few minutes - sometimes the canned beans are a little too firm. So I cooked them a little and then let them cool. I then smashed them up and mixed with some Vegenaise, finely diced red onion, sweet pickle relish, a little salt and several shakes of Spike seasoning just like we used to make tuna sandwiches. I think every vegetarian/vegan I know makes some version of this sandwich!

The girls had theirs on sliced sourdough and we had ours on an 11 grain wheat bread - happy sandwich eaters all around! I'm so happy to be home :-)

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