Saturday, April 08, 2006

Disney in the rain

Well this post isn't food related (though I will be posting tonight) - I wanted to put up a few pics of our spring trip to Southern California. Since it was raining so much we figured we'd have more fun at Disney in the rain than at the beach. So we headed to Anaheim and played in the rain. I wouldn't want to do this with little kids but we had a blast and we were able to walk on to pretty much every ride - no lines. Even the second day when it wasn't raining but rain was predicted, we had very little wait on everything. I think it was the most fun we've ever had at Disney!

Now I just need to force myself to go to the grocery store so I can get back to food blogging!


Anonymous said...

how CUTE are you guys!

Julie said...

Your family is super cute! ;)

Guinnah said...

aw shucks - we really looked like we'd fallen off a ship for most of the day! But I did get some cute pictures of the girls :-)

larissa said...

what a gorgeous family! looks like you had a great time. glad you could make the most of a rainy day. love, larissa