Saturday, April 15, 2006

Grilled veggies

Tonight was a family gathering (it's been a busy weekend) so I was off the hook for cooking! I knew we would have a wonderful meal and I knew there would be a vegan option with no accompanying commentary (you know what I mean...). I have two SILs who are great cooks and always come up with delicious vegan selections that are either the main meal or go well with whatever is being offered to non-veg diners. Tonight there was not only a fabulous eggplant dish with basmati rice but a huge platter of grilled vegetables. The mushrooms were particularly good! All of the munchies before dinner were vegan too. Aren't I a lucky girl to have a sister-in-law like this?


K Allrich said...

Lucky indeed! Those veggies look fabulous!

VeganHeartDoc said...

Agreed, those veggies look terrific! I think it's great to have family and friends who understand the whole vegan thing.