Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo fruit salad

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and in H's Spanish class they had a party. My kids have learned Do Not Raise Your Hand for the complicated contributions! Let me provide chips and salsa! It's not that I don't enjoy cooking - obviously I do. It's just having that one extra thing to think about on a school day that throws me. So H's assignment was a centerpiece and a fruit salad. I have some great table linens from Mexico so the centerpiece was easy. I filled a Mason jar with colorful candy and put some silk flowers in it - it actually turned out quite cute and apparently the candy was very popular. Go figure.

For the fruit I prepared it the way they serve it for breakfast down in the Yucatan. Mango, watermelon, grapes and bananas, drizzled with yogurt and then sprinkled with granola. I used the Wildwood Soyogurt plain flavor and mixed in some agave nectar. She said the kids in her group pretty much finished off the fruit so I guess it a success.

We attended a fundraiser dinner last night - not many vegan options - essentially some sauteed peppers on a tortilla with salsa but it was fun!


Susan Voisin said...

That photo is gorgeous, and it's making me hungry too!

KleoPatra said...

GREAT PHOTO. Makes me drool :o) I love every ingredient in that treat... WOW!

Guinnah said...

Hi Susan - you always have such great photos so I appreciate your photo compliment :-)

Kleopatra - I'm glad you liked it! The yogurt/agave mixture was really quite nice. It would have been perfect with some papaya but it was too expensive!

Jody from VegChic said...

Just wanted to drop you a quick line. I love your blog and check frequently to see what you are cooking. Your site and a few others that I frequent actually inspired me to start up a blog of my food and soap endeavors.

You always take great photos and the meals are so varied. I'm only cooking for one unless I have friends visiting, so sometimes my meals are not as creative.

I've been looking at blogs and paging through my cookbooks, to find new things to try.

Your site is great, keep at it!

Guinnah said...

Thanks for the comment - it is very much appreciated! Your soap endeavors sound great - I'll have to check them out :-)