Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

If I were to sum up today in one word it would be - allergies. I'm miserable. But we had a lovely day - our good friends came over for dinner (Thai takeout), I got some sparkly new earrings, a painting by my daughter and a beautiful handmade card from my other daughter. It was a relaxing, wonderful day.

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I love being a mom - I love my girls and can't believe how quickly the time goes by...


Susan Voisin said...

Your girls are so beautiful, and your day sounded great (except for the allergies).

You're right about time. It seems to me that time started speeding along a lot faster right after I had a child. The years just seem to fly.

Dreena said...

Nancy, you have two snapshots in time there that relate so perfectly. The position of each of your daughters and their expressions... it's like you took the first picture and then pressed "fast forward" 15 or so years. Beautiful.

Sorry for your allergies, that's not so poetic or memorable, but your day sounded lovely nevertheless.

Eat Peace Please said...

They are beautiful young women!

Cee said...

Your girls are beautiful!

I love being a mom too :).

Happy (belated) Mothers Day!

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Your girls are beautiful (so is mom!)

Guinnah said...

thank you for the comments everyone :-) I'm still under the weather with these allergies - it's bad lately. I think I always worried about having teenagers as they get such bad reputations. But I really enjoy seeing who they are - they are fun to be with (most of the time :-)) and wonderful girls!

KleoPatra said...

Nancy, hope you are feeling better - allergies are not fun!

Those photos speak a thousand words. Beautiful, truly.

Hope you have a healthy week ahead!