Sunday, May 21, 2006

Puppy party

The next few weeks are going to be hectic - but I'm going to do my best to get some decent food into my family (and onto my blog). Tonight's post has nothing to with food however!

Not much cooking this weekend but we did attend a birthday party for Renzo's brother's and sisters. They even had goody bags for all the dogs!

There were actually only 4 dogs from Renzo's litter - but 11 dogs altogether. They were hilarious. I'm third from the right with Bella and H is there in the middle with Renzo.

This is Renzo on a timeout - getting a lecture from me to stop! barking! at the other dogs

This is Bella smiling her best happy dog smile:

Dog heaven:

Tomorrow - back to food blogging (or at least, no more dogs!). To think, three years ago I had to be coerced into getting a dog and now I have two and attend birthday parties for them. Go figure.


KleoPatra said...

i *heart* dogs - way more than good vegan food... and i love good vegan food.

Sounds like a great party!!!

And "Dog Heaven" indeed there.


I dug this post, Nancy.

primaryconsumer said...

This was the sweetest post ever!

Susan Voisin said...

My daughter keeps talking about having a birthday party for our dog when she turns 1. I told her that dogs don't have birthday parties. Well, you've proved me wrong! LOL Still, I don't know if I'll tell my daughter or not. Wish we had a big place with a pond--that does look like doggie heaven!

larissa said...

porkchop and mr daniels are very jealous! what a wonderful day! i am all for doggie birthday parties! love, larissa

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Oh, this is so cute! Must be a blast for the dogs!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Happy dog party fun!

It's funny, what you say about dogs is what I say about them..and what my boyfriend used to say about cats - and now we have two cats : )

I've never been a big dog person but I'm up for one one day.

Laura said...

What fun! Your pups have such different personalities don't they?!? I can't wait to meet them!

sam said...

The dog party photos are great! Dog heaven indeed. The kids are begging to take Buddy swimming but we have very high water right now in the rivers so it will have to wait. And yes, my daughter asked the other day when his birthday is (after 3 family birthdays this month)-her rationale was "he's part of the family, isn't he?" He was a stray so we don't know, but we're guessing July-there are no other birthdays that month, so it looks like a good choice to me!

Guinnah said...

Thanks so much for the comments you guys (Hi Susan!). It has been quite the transformation for me - from "over my dead body" to having two dogs that I cook for and adore. They really are part of the family and love us so unconditionally. We are fortunate to live right down the street from a Briones Regional Park entrance (a 5,000+ acre park). The dogs can go off leash and they love it!