Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thursday night fast food - again

I will be so happy when the school year is over and Thursday night is no longer so busy. This week we squeezed in a quick dinner - oh so gourmet - but we were together at the table and that is always my goal!

We had veggie dogs, broccoli salad, strawberries and bananas and some potato chips (it counts as a vegetable right?). Whenever we have veggie dogs I like to split them and pan fry them in a pan sprayed with a little oil. We like them much better this way. For the broccoli salad I made a dressing with some vegenaise, white vinegar and a little sugar. Then I mixed it with broccoli florets, raisins, sunflowers seeds and red onion. My husband advised against photographing this meal :-) but I said this is real life and in real life sometimes we eat a veggie dog!

Speaking of dogs...Renzo got ahold of a stuffed animal and he came and sat in front of me -looking rather defiant!

He is going to be one on Monday so I let him keep the stuffed animal as an early birthday present ;-)


Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Ahh, motherhood...

Happy Mother's Day, Nancy!

KleoPatra said...

Happy birthday to Renzo! Great photo of him with the toy. Dogs and toys, what a great combination...

And Happy Mother's Day to you (and all your blog readers who are moms)... CELEBRATE YOU!

(And let's hear it for "real life" photos!)