Monday, June 12, 2006

Like mother, like daughter

Last night Hallie cooked dinner for us - veggie chicken patties on whole wheat buns with fruit and french fries - she did a beautiful job. Everything was ready at the same time and cooked perfectly...

We decided that maybe one night each week the girls could cook dinner. I so enjoyed dinner last night (she did the clean up as well). I could get used to this!


KleoPatra said...

Good to see you back, I have missed you!!

Good job, Hallie. She did very well. The proverbial apple didn't fall far from the beautiful tree, Nancy.

I love the bold, bright and varied fruit tray. Laid out so handsomely!

I think it's a great idea to have the girls cook one night a week (and do the cleanup as well). Very nice mentoring situation for you!!

funwithyourfood said...

Havent seen you in a little while but way to come back in S-T-Y-L-E. That fruit tart makes me want to lick my screen! : )

hmm i suppose that's a bad idea


Eat Peace Please said...

This looks great. The first photo reminded me of the catered hummus platter, maybe she can get a job with them (j/k). I would love it if I could kick back and not cook or clean up. Wonderful post!

Crystal said...

Looks very yummy and cute! What a great idea to get the girls more involved in the meal making - especially in the summer; somehow cooking is fun and has more flair in the summer (ignoring the heat of course!)


Guinnah said...

Hi Kleo - didn't she do a good job? She is very artistic and if time allowed she would do something like this probably every day!

Teddy - You're right - licking the screen probably *isn't* a great idea :-))

Leslie - I thought the same thing - I think we should put her to work. She is actually a really good artist and some day (in some medium) we'll see her work!

Crystal - I think I owe it to them (and their future roommates) to know their way around the kitchen. Nothing makes me crazier than someone who giggles and says they can't even boil water!

Freedom said...

That fruit plate is absolutely beautiful. My mum loves it when I cook for her and my dad - he is an omnivore but eats my vegan dishes (most of the time anyway - we 've had some unpleasant experiences, namely falafels...)

Dori said...

What a nice meal your daughter made. I saw the hummous platter before... wow, your daughter did that!

I love potlucks where some people are considerate of other people's need to know what they are eating. This has happened once for me at a buy fresh but local campaign meal.

Laura said...

Wow! That fruit platter is absolutely beautious! Way to go Hallie!