Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cherry chocolate shortcake

Yesterday was Hallie's birthday and she requested her favorite dinner (Persian "chicken" and rice) and for dessert I tried something new.

When we were at my friend's cabin a few weekends ago I was looking through an old Gourmet magazine. I usually don't find much in Gourmet (or Bon Appetit) but I found several recipes this time. The chipotle sweet potatoes were from that issue as well I think. In any case I found a recipe for Cherry Chocolate Shortcake. I made a few substitutions for the shortcakes (used soy milk and Ener-G for the egg). And for the cherries I used frozen dark sweet cherries from Trader Joe's (I adore my daughter, truly I do. But I just don't have the patience to pit that many cherries!). I didn't have kirsch in the house so I just mixed the thawed cherries with the sugar and a little cornstarch and cooked them a bit. For the topping I made Bryanna's Almond Creme Whipped Topping.

This was really wonderful - the chocolate in the shortcakes was a nice twist. The almond creme was delicious!


Eat Peace Please said...

Glad to see you back. This dessert looks amazing. What a birthday request! I have been feeling the same as you in the summertime (although I'm an Aries, he he) and my cooking isn't really blog worthy... just desserts as well for now.

I am jealous of the Costa Rica trip. It's supposed to be an absolutely beautiful country with each coast being unique from the other. We have direct flights from here in AZ... I have always wanted to go.

Guinnah said...

Hey Leslie - glad to see I'm not the only one feeling that way!

She is very excited for Costa Rica - she'll be on the Pacific side (central). It's a Spanish immersion and surfing camp - fun huh?

KleoPatra said...


Sooooooo glad to see you post here. I have missed you!

Happy birthday (belated) to wonderful Hallie. Good for her to get her fave dinner. And nice on the dessert, ooooooooohhhhhhh so nice! I am like you about cherry pitting for recipes that call for more than just a handful!

Really nice!!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!

Finally catching up on your blog. Mel is still enjoying the American girl stuff.

I am not into the World Cup, I admit.Wow, Costa Rica!


Ann Adamson said...

Oh, I am going to have to try that!
It's all my favorites - chocolate, cherries, almond...yum! Maybe for my birthday (which is coming soon!) I'll have to make this for myself!!


PS: Happy Birthday to Hallie!

Eat Peace Please said...

That sounds like the coolest camp ever! What about meals?

urban vegan said...

that looks absolutely amazing.

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

That is the most delicious-looking shortcake!

Guinnah said...

Hi Kleo - ah, it's nice to be missed :-) It's just been quite a hectic time. And the kids have friends over it's ever so slightly awkward to photograph their dinner before I let them eat. Can't you just see the eyes roll?

Martha!! How the heck are you? I was thinking about you recently as it was a year ago I spent the day with you in St. Louis. Look for an e-mail...

Hey Ann - the SIS meet is coming soon - I'm so excited :-) Sonoma won't know what hit them.

Leslie - the camp says on its website that vegetarian meals are available. So when we filled out the forms and it asked for special needs/accomodations I said vegan meals. They confirmed it in a letter. So I'm not sure what she'll get but they do know about it. There's always the fallback of potatoes and fruit!

Urban Vegan - thanks for checking it out. I loved the combination of the cherries and chocolate.

Bryanna - your whipped almond creme recipe saved the day on this. I wasn't sure what I was going to use for a topping and then recalled your very recent shortcake post. It was Perfect!

Eat Peace Please said...

Potatoes and fruit sound good to me. At least she'll be in Costa Rica! Oooh, and lots of good fruits too.