Saturday, August 26, 2006

We survived the first week of school!

It was hard getting back into the groove but we all managed. The weather has been beautiful - cool in the mornings leading up to very warm afternoons, then cooling down again at night. Perfect!

I've always tried to take a first day of school picture - and one of these days I will gather them all together. I took one on Tuesday and then dug out this other one that was their first day of preschool - 13 years ago. It has really been just a blink of an eye, those 13 years...

I did a little cooking this week - made some taquitos with black beans and soy cheese that were baked in the oven - they fell apart a little bit but they tasted good! I also made a curried "chicken" salad. I used to make this back when we ate chicken and I think I made it once with tofu and didn't like it so much. I probably have better ways to prepare the tofu now so I should try that again - but I had a couple boxes of Gardenburger chik'n patties so I pan fried those and chopped them up for this salad. I used this recipe from epicurious.com substituting vegan version of mayo and yogurt. I also used apple instead of mango, almonds instead of cashews and added raisins. It was the perfect dinner for a busy school night - I'd made it in the morning and it was ready when we were. I sent the leftovers in Hallie's lunch and she said all her friends tried it and like it... It is, however, one of those things that doesn't photograph all that well:

I've also realized that I need to do some updating on this blog - there are so many great blogs that I read but that I don't have links to on this page. It's on my list! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


madeinalaska said...

we use to make a chicken salad sandwich like that too back in the day.. i love the version you found.. yummy! I tried making a kinda curry salad sandwhich like that once using temphe .. it was okay.. I used apples and golden raisis, too..

love the first day of school photos! It is true what THEY say.. it really does go by in a blink of an eye! my oldest is twenty and its just sooo hard to believe!
I have a new blog.. stop by and visit...

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful. My mom used to take first day of school pics of us too. When you gather up all the pics, you could put them into little albums for each daughter.

The fake chicken salad sounds great. I think raisins would be the perfect touch. I'll definitely give it a try.

Julie said...

Your girls are so gorgeous!! I hope they had a great first day!

Can you post your taquito recipe? I love toquitos!

oh, btw-I am going to make pasta with the Vodka Cream Sauce [you posted awhile back] for my mom tomorrow. Oh, and look at my most recent post, too!

I looove your blog! :]

maybepigscanfly said...

I would never have thought to make taquitos. I used to love frozen taquitos back when ate meat. I haven't had them at least 3 years, and am now inspired to make them so so soon. Thanks!

I love reading your blog but it's my first time commenting.

KleoPatra said...

The photographs of your daughters... oh, Nancy! What a trip down memory lane there in the photo from "all those years ago" (isn't that a Beatles line?) And this week's photo.... look how beautiful they are... still! Thirteen years... wow! Time flies... and sometimes it soars! Great smiles on your girls, then (with dollies) AND now (confident enough to stand close to one another without the dolls!).

The taquitos w/black beans and soy cheez gives me some good ideas... I have a can o'beans that i didn't know what to do with... and i have to get out to purchase some veg cheez this week as well...

I have to say au contraire on the curried "chicken" salad. It photographs just fine! Quite colourful!! Love seeing the bits 'n' pieces of tastiness in there!

funwithyourfood said...

congrats on getting through the first week

it's always the toughest.


easy street from here on out right? hehe

Guinnah said...

You guys are all the best - not just "looks good" comments but wonderful, heartfelt comments. They make my day! Truly.

The taquitos were just corn tortillas softened in the microwave with spoonful of refried black beans, a sprinkle of cheese and then folded over and rolled. I stuck them with a toothpick to hold them together, sprayed some oil and then baked them at 450 for probably 15-20 minutes. Mine fell apart because I made them ahead of time and the tortillas cracked when they cooled off. But I think if I'd made them and baked them right away they would have been great. As they were they were tasty topped with some homemade salsa and guacamole!

Crystal said...

Aw! The pictures of your girls are so dang cute. Ryan's mom always took pics of them on their first day of school too, but it was never a tradition in my family.

Love the salad. I just had a Gardenburger again for the first time in 10 years and they were better than I remembered. I had it at a ballpark of all places! I don't think ketchup and mustard goes with it go, so this salad is a great idea.