Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Americans in Paris

I'm still here! We'd just started getting settled into the rhythm of the school year when hubby and I took off for Paris to celebrate our 20th(!) wedding anniversary. This picture was taken at the Chateau de Versailles:

Pretty much every picture we took we had the same comment "we look old!" Especially compared to this wedding day photo :

We had a wonderfully relaxing time. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years! wow.

I had actually cooked some really good new recipes before we left but I ended up deleting the photos before uploading them. oops. I will have to take another stab at them. I will close with some dog photos instead :-) We are fortunate to live a very short walk away from a regional park that is over 5,000 acres - and allows dogs to be off leash. This is about 1/8 mile from my front door:

Bella and Renzo think it is their own personal space and can really tear up those hills:

Tired pooch - Bella:


Tomorrow I'm off to Berkeley Bowl to do a huge shopping trip. Then - back in the kitchen!


Not So Vivacious Vegan said...

Are you kidding? You look like you've hardly aged a day! You're so beautiful. I hope when I'm your age I look as good as you do.

Very jealous that you just vacationed in Paris. Hope you had a great time. Would love to see more Paris pics!

Renzo and Bella are hysterical with their long tongues. What a great place you have right out your backdoor.

kleo2 said...

NANCY! Great to see you post; thank you for checkin' in and sharing some of your trip with us.

You look stunning, then and now, by the way!

Love love love the dog pix. SOooooOOOOOoooo excited and happy running and playing together. I love it. What a great park to have near you like that. I am lucky as well to have something that nice by me for Mattie to romp.

Can't wait to see you shop up a storm... do share!

Harmonia said...

These pics are great! That dog has one LONG tongue! ;)

Happy Monday!

Ann Adamson said...

Nancy, so happy to see you're back! Hope that was an amazing vacation, it looks beautiful! I love your then and now pics too...so cute! And those doggies are pretty darn cute too!

Looking forward to some yummy food pics again too...I always like the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

What a great post and wonderful way to spend your 20th anniversary. Congrats!

Your puppy dogs are so cute! I love the big tongues hangin' out!

Judy said...

Hey Guinnah, you're up!


Michelle said...

aww, you guys still look adorable! and not old at all :)

Anonymous said...

You guys don't look old at all! Congratulations on your anniversary!

kleo2 said...

P.S. Nancy, doggies in CA need help. Please visit my blog when you can :o) to see what i mean!

funwithyourfood said...

oh welcome home!
Paris is a beautiful place. I hope you 20th was a breath-taking trip


Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

You guys look great! What a wonderful trip! Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing 'old' looking about you two. Nope, you look healthy, vibrant, happy - and adorable!

Now, Bella, on the other hand... lookin' a little ragged in that photo. :)

larissa said...

oh, congrats to you and your hubby. 20 years! your wedding pic made me cry! me and my hubby just got back from the UK! hope i live to see my 20th too! cheers, rizza

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Paris!! You lucky ducks! Congratulations!

The two photos are beautiful too - such happiness!

-jess from gs

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

i can't think of a better way to celebrate 20! congratulations. :o)

Julie said...

I hope you had a great time in Paris! I am forever jealous!

I can't wait for more food posts!

Fruit Seasons said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. Wonderful that you are loving being together.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love your blog and will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for sending the link!

PS - my son loved the pictures of your doggies :)

Liz (wmoms)

Jody from VegChic said...

hey there,

Just wanted to drop you a line as I hadn't seen a post in awhile from you.

I'm definitely missing your updates.

Hope you are all ok.

Michelle said...

aren't you lovebirds back from your honeymoon yet? ;P

Ann Adamson said...

hello? hell-oooo-oo?
i need some culinary inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Just another ME TOO, ME TOO comment. Hope all is well, I miss your posts.

KleoPatra said...

Nancy, i miss you. PLEASE write... on your blog... an e-mail... anything.


bazu said...

Hi Nancy. Here I am commenting on your blog a good 6 months after you stopped posting! I hope you read this anyway. I started blogging pretty much when you stopped, so we never had a chance to chat. I spent all day today going through your archives and reading your blog from the beginning- and loved it all. It made me nostalgic for my childhood spent in the Bay Area, and for California in general, it gave me tons of links and recipe ideas, and it made me wish you'd come back and start blogging again! Your food, your beautiful family, your cute dogs, your fruit trees, I want updates on them all! Plus, I've started trying to veganize as many Iranian recipes as possible and I find it inspiring that you've already done that to so many dishes! I am going to try your soy yogurt cheese as a kashk substitute.

Anyway, I hope you're well, and everything's well, and if you come back to blogland, stop by mine and say hi!


Julie said...

I MISS your blog! Are you ok?

KleoPatra said...

Nancy, please drop me an e-mail when you can.


kaivegan said...

wondering too...

Anonymous said...

As a relatively recent blogger, I'm loving surfing the net & connecting with people far & wide.
Love yopur blog and for some reason feel conected.
I'm a 65 year old Australian woman, married 45 years (to the same bloke) 6 kids,9 grandies.
Currently I paint, photograph, knit, and have become vegan as a result of a melanoma diagnosis last september.
I've been surfing for vegan recipies all morning when I came across your blog.
So g'day, am trying oiut your fig tart and am sure it will be as good as iit looks.
I have a small blog www.sandrainthepink.blogspot.com and it's fairly up to date thanks to Anna, one of my darling daughters.
All the best.

KleoPatra said...

Nancy, missing you... please post something sometime soon!

xoxo from San Diego,

Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary....I love your wedding photo. It is so lovely.