Monday, September 17, 2007

a year in review

It has been a whole year since I posted - always at the back of my mind but never quite getting onto the screen. It was a busy, busy year and when push came to shove blogging was an indulgence I didn't have time for. I didn't read many blogs either - each day was a quick check of e-mail, a look at the news and then on my way. And so, I thought I'd do a year in review...

In the last year I've been to Mexico:


The second trip we had FIVE teenage girls with us (counting ours...). People thought we were crazy but they were so fun:

I saw one daughter off to junior prom:

and the other to the senior ball:

I saw my daughter graduate from high school in June:

We saw lots of things that California has to offer -

Wine tasting in Sonoma with our best friends:

Hanging out in Santa Barbara:

And also got to see the opening game for my Ducks this year!

These are some of the highlights. Sadly, the most memorable happening of the year was the sudden passing of my older sister. She'd had a history of brain aneurysms and suffered a brain hemorrhage on July 25, and passed away two days later. It was a grueling two days in intensive care with many decisions to be made.
and in the midst of all these things - yes, there has been cooking! My cooking has changed a little to accommodate all the preferences in our family. I donated "Vegetarian Dinners Around the World" at a school auction (6 full dinners to be delivered every other month for a year) and that will be my next food post.
So there you have it - a quick look at the past year. I'll try to post more often :-)