Sunday, June 22, 2008

All around the mulberry bush

Well, it's a mulberry tree actually...

We bought this tree a few years ago from a specialty nursery. My husband grew up in Iran and has fond memories of the mulberries they had there. Here in California there are mulberry trees everywhere but they aren't fruiting trees - just nice big shady trees. After tracking down the variety he wanted, he brought it home and it sat on the side of the house waiting to be planted. And sat. We went on vacation and it didn't get water. We finally planted it months later and it struggled but survived. Then we built our little guest house (affectionately dubbed "The Hut") and it had to be moved. But it proved itself to be the little tree that could - and it did. I was out in the yard yesterday and noticed that it now has berries and several of them are ripe! Our first berries! The first "harvest" was meager but delicious!


Shawn Powers said...

You know... I've never actually had a mulberry. Sad, no?

sam said...

We just discovered that the overgrown, untended bushy tree in our neighbor's yard that is pushing over the little fence in between is a mulberry! I don't remember it having fruit on it before, at least not enough to notice. But this year it is prolific - every bird in the neighborhood is in that tree and there are berries all over the sidewalk that the kids are tracking into the house.
So is it best to just eat them right off the tree, or do you have a favorite recipe?