Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pra Ram Tofu

Tonight I'm home alone - Hallie is off at family camp with her boyfriend and his family, Ana is off to her boyfriend's house (there is a theme building here...). Dh (my boyfriend ;-)) is at a meeting. While foraging for something to make I found some leftover peanut sauce from the other night and a package of firm tofu. I don't have bok choy which I would normally put in pra ram tofu but I had a red bell pepper and used that instead (along with broccoli and red onion).

I always have rice so I got that going in the rice cooker (which we affectionately call Hello Kitty because of the silly little Twinkle Twinkle Little Star chime it makes).

First off the peanut sauce: equal parts light coconut milk, chunky peanut butter and vegetable broth (the batch I made the other night was 1 1/2 cups of each). Heat the coconut milk until it starts to boil, add in the peanut butter and get it mixed in then add the broth. Season with finely ground red pepper flakes, lime juice and salt. For this dish I thin the sauce with either water or additional broth. This is not a low fat sauce by any means but making a batch that size was enough for two different recipes.

For the tofu, slice it fairly thin and press it dry with paper towels. Put the pieces on a baking sheet sprayed with oil then spray top liberally with cooking spray and put it in a 450 degree oven for about 40 minutes. I checked it at 30 minutes to remove any thinner pieces that were getting too brown. Here is the tofu before and after the baking:

Next I steam some broccoli in a saute pan with a bit of water until just lightly cooked. Remove from the pan. Then increase the heat (pour out any remaining water if necessary) and saute a sliced red pepper and some red onion. Add the broccoli back in, the peanut sauce and the tofu. Serve over basmati rice and sprinkle with additional red pepper.

Yum! This is based on a dish we get at our favorite Thai restaurant. We like the home made version every bit as much as the restaurant version.


Anonymous said...

your life seems very beautiful! love the food. my mum posts recipes all the time too. :) i just went to napa..loved it!

Shawn Powers said...

YUM. Sorta takes the charm away from the bowl of microwaved frozen peas I just ate for lunch...

guinnah said...

at least you microwaved them :-)

Robin said...

YUM-YUM. We're so glad to have you back where you belong!

major fan

guinnah said...

aren't you sweet :-) thanks!

Terena said...

Just discover your blog by hunting for Praram recipes. Thanks for the new way too cook tofu. Going to check out your gluten free recipes too