Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spicy Mushroom Tacos

There has been a bit of a dietary evolution here in our household - the primary vegan (Hallie) decided she no longer wanted to be vegan, dh is trying to eat gluten free and Ana, well poor kid, she is still the meat eater in the family and that is the one diet I don't accommodate ;-)

So I'm trying to find gluten-free vegetarian meals that we all like. This, of course, is all subject to change.

Last night I experimented and made what I call spicy mushroom tacos. Basically just a soft taco using chopped mushrooms for the filling. I often make "sausage" this way for lasagna and decided to give it a try with Mexican seasonings. I removed the stems and cleaned two pounds of white mushrooms. Then finely chopped them by hand (the food processor is easier but it makes it too mushy). I added in a homemade taco seasoning mix (with some crushed red pepper, cumin, chili powder etc), then let it sit for a couple of hours while we went off to yoga. These are the mushrooms before cooking.

To cook the mushrooms I sprayed a large saute pan with cooking spray and added the mushrooms. It takes awhile for them to release their liquid - after that I kept cooking until they were well browned.

I'll be honest - when I started out making these they were just going to be mushroom tacos. But if you take a close look at the pictures you will see many, many red pepper flakes. Wow this mixture was HOT. Thus they became spicy mushroom tacos.

For the tacos we used soft corn tortillas and loaded them with mushrooms, white cheddar, chopped green leaf lettuce, homemade guacamole and tomatoes.

They were surprisingly good and luckily the heat of the mushrooms was tempered by the guacamole and lettuce. I think next time I'll tone down the heat a little ;-)


Shawn Powers said...

Maybe I'm not happy you're blogging again. I forgot just how amazing your food looks.

I think I'm bitterly jealous. :D

(Seriously though, OMG that looks good)

Guinnah said...

You're funny :-) But they were good!