Thursday, June 26, 2008


Normally this would be the perfect time of year for eating outside but the smoke in the air is thick and awful. Mind you, the actual fires are miles away but the whole Bay Area is just one giant haze. It's weird because looking outside it seems like it would be cold - it looks like any gray November day. But then you step outside and it is 85 degrees - the sun just can't break through.

For the most part, Tuesdays are still "Taco Tuesday" - not always tacos, but some kind of Mexican food. This week we had tostadas - I baked corn tortillas, lightly sprayed with oil on both sides, for about 15 minutes in a 375 degree oven until browned and crispy. Sometimes I turn them over halfway but I usually forget to do that and they come out just fine. I like a food that is forgiving in that way.

I made what I call "cheater's guacamole" - smashed avocado with some diced tomato, lime juice and juice from a jar of pickled jalapenos. When I'm making guacamole for a party I like to add onion, fresh jalapeno, etc. But this version works just fine. We layered on the beans, lettuce, some finely shredded cheddar, guac and salsa. And ate inside.

I hope this all clears up soon. It doesn't feel like summer at all. Add in the fact that we have water rationing in place and the landscaping looks a little sad - well it's all a bit depressing! But to keep it in perspective - I'm here safe and sound and all over the state there are people whose homes are in danger, firefighters whose lives are in danger and I remember that I should, as my dad likes to say- "quityerbellyachin."

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