Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Hallie's 17th birthday - hard to believe that this little one (taken the day she came home) , has now become this grown up girl...I think the smile is still the same!

Her birthday would usually mean a dinner request of Persian food, her ultimate comfort food. But, the times they are a changing and she asked if it was okay to go out to dinner instead. With her boyfriend. So off they went to one of the nicer restaurants in town which left me home to cook for the three of us who actually like Taco Tuesday! In my efforts to find gluten free recipes that the whole family will like I've been spending a lot of time perusing blogs and am completely smitten by Karina's Kitchen, aka The Gluten Free Goddess. The recipe I made the other night was so good I couldn't wait to try another.

Last night I made her Sweet Potato and Black Bean enchiladas - another winner. I had a couple cheats/modifications. I bought a jar of salsa verde from Trader Joe's and I had some frozen sweet potato fries and used those instead of fresh sweet potato. I took her suggestion of mixing in a little sour cream in the sauce before topping the enchiladas and used a sharp cheddar instead of monterey jack on top. These were so good and the mix of flavors was perfect. Unfortunately I'd been messing around with my camera the night before, screwed up some settings and the result was no pictures. I was able to fix it later!

Today we welcome a new addition to our household - for a month anyway. This afternoon I pick up our exchange student from Spain. We have been e-mailing with her and can't wait to meet her. For the sake of this blog I shall call her Ms. Potato - she knows why. :-)


Shawn Powers said...

My oldest is 11, and growing up to be such a beautiful young lady. I know the time is coming all too quickly when I'm no longer the only guy in her life. :)

Your daughter is beautiful, but what a painful reminder that my (3) girls are growing up too...

Happy Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Hallie! That is a beautiful pic of her and her bf.

Those enchiladas sounds really good!

That will be awesome hosting an exchange student :)

Guinnah said...

It is hard to believe how quickly the last few years have gone by. People always told me that high school would come and go so fast and I see what they mean :-)

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful (she must get it from you!).