Monday, July 07, 2008

Gluten free baking - Take Two

Since my visit to Whole Foods rounded out my flour supply, I decided to try the same recipe I made yesterday but with the modifications suggested by Book of Yum. I made two loaves instead of rolls/hamburger buns this time. One plain and one with golden raisins and walnuts. This recipe is so, so good...I ate the raisin walnut bread warm from the oven with cream cheese. Swoon.

It's interesting to see the difference in the color between the two loaves. My range has two ovens - one gas and one electric. I normally only bake in the electric oven but in an effort to get things moving I used both ovens at the same time (I started at 450 for 10 minutes and then down to 375). The loaf from the electric oven was much darker. Both loaves were delicious and made me very optimistic about our ability to keep up a gluten free diet for hubby. I feel lucky that there are so many people out there who have done all the hard work on these recipes and I surely appreciate it :-)


Anonymous said...

Aww, both loaves look great! I love the flavor combinations. :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to start doing more gluten free baking because I often think I get too much wheat in my diet. Was it just me or did you gasp at the price of flours these days? I like to buy the white whole wheat flour from King Arthur and it's normally $3.99/bag but the last time I went to whole foods it was $6.99. Gluten free flours used to be much more expensive than wheat flour but I'm wondering if the prices are evening out. I'm bookmarking this recipe now.

Guinnah said...

Thanks Sea! I had some this morning, toasted. The first time dh wanted to try GF I bought a loaf of bread and it turned him off the idea. But I think the health benefits can't be overlooked and I'm trying really hard to do this and make it delicious - this bread recipe really helps. I don't know where in the bay area you are but I hope it's not as hot as where I am (currently 107)

VV - I agree - prices are through the roof for everything. Ouch. We also cook for our dogs and I'm noticing all the things I buy for their food have gotten quite expensive.

sam said...

That looks really good - I will have to try it (at least after it cools off some!). I don't think my mom has tried making many GF yeast breads - maybe that will be something I can do for my dad. Wonder if it would work to mix the dough in the bread machine?

Crystal said...

Welcome back to you too - yes, it looks like it's been awhile for you as well. It's so easy to quit and so hard to come back to blogging!!

Your bread looks fantastic.