Monday, November 02, 2009

Chaminade salad

In September we took our youngest down to the LA area for college. It was a busy, busy weekend and of course a tearful goodbye. The day we left also happened to be our 23rd wedding anniversary (which came a week after my birthday - I've now been married half my life!). So instead of driving straight home we went to Santa Cruz and spent the night at The Chaminade Resort & Spa. We went for a beautiful hike through the eucalyptus groves and ended up at the restaurant where we sat outside and sipped a couple icy cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ales. We watched the deer and the sunset and since we'd been there so long we decided we might as well just have dinner right then rather than going back to the room and cleaning up first. We got a little carried away with ordering and had a ridiculous amount of food. My favorite thing was a delicious salad: Bufala Mozzarella and Tomato, Mesclun Greens, Pinoli, Tomato Oil and
Foccacia Toast. Such a simple combination but better than any tomato and mozzarella salad I'd had before. Since then I've made my own version many times and now I simply call it the Chaminade salad. There's something about the addition of the pine nuts that adds so much flavor. We're now past the good, local heirloom tomatoes but I will be ready and waiting for their return.

That weekend also marked the beginning of a new era of cooking in our household - cooking for two. I find that I'm doing far less cookbook cooking and a lot more foraging for what we have on hand and turning it into something. It's actually a lot of fun and we've been eating pretty well. Hopefully I can get caught up on posting some of it...until tomorrow...

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