Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recycling for the holidays

A non-cooking post today.  Last night I started working on my Christmas presents - on hubby's side of the family we always do homemade presents.  Even the kids get involved and make presents (they do, however, receive good ol' store-bought - no crocheted football helmets or anything).  Anyway, I can't post what I'm making this year (yet!) but thought I'd post about last year's gifts - a friend of mine wrote on her blog about trying to green the holidays.  I tried really hard to have a green/recycling theme for my gifts last year.  I made soy candles in glasses I found at various thrift stores:

I actually made several different ones but didn't get pictures of them all...each person received a set of four - either glasses or dessert dishes, that could then be used again once the candle is burned.  It was actually hard to part with some of the glassware - I had so much fun searching for it.  I also made lemon and ginger infused vodka with lemons from our trees.  I wrapped all gifts in repurposed/recycled fabric - pillowcases, fabric scraps, holiday napkins etc.  Even took apart a dress I found at a thrift store and used it for wrapping.  I did indulge in nice ribbon on most gifts because I know people reuse it.  Some of the bows were made from white plastic grocery bags!

I'm trying to have a similar repurposed approach to gifts this year - so I will be sure to post after the gifts have been distributed!


Lynn said...

What a great idea -- Jack would love making candles and I would love finding the glasses. Jack has been taking the red wax off of his gouda rounds and making candles out of them!

Guinnah said...

haha, I love Jack! What a great idea and the ultimate reuse project :-) I loved making the candles. This years project is proving to be far more time consuming...I figure if I'm lucky I'll get them all made!

JGH said...

Uh oh. You've just given me another thing to buy at all the tag sales!! Seriously, this is a great idea. love the idea of wrapping in old fabric. I see lots of this at tag sales being sold for like 25 cents a yard!

Lynn said...

I'll have to post some pictures of Jack's gouda wax candles.

Anonymous said...

Man - my presents seem so unimaginative compared to yours! I love the repurposing.