Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fog and oranges

Today was a bit gray and very foggy but it's been long enough since the last rain that we figured the trails wouldn't be too muddy and the dogs needed to get out for a walk.  So we went on our favorite hike - it's only about three miles but it is really hilly (steep!) and gives both the dogs and us a good walk.  It was so green everywhere and the dogs loved it:

But the best part was picking a couple of oranges from the tree in our front yard as we walked back up to the house:

We've only had these trees for a few years and this is the first year we've had more than just one or two oranges.  We've had Meyer lemons for several years but we are so excited to finally have our own wonderful oranges.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the kitchen!

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JGH said...

Those dogs look so happy! Beautiful oranges....I'm craving citrus these days.