Saturday, January 02, 2010

I (still) Love My Ducks!

So the Rose Bowl didn't go quite the way we'd hoped.  But we had a great day with friends and in the end that certainly matters more...right?   We made a couple of appetizers - the ever popular kashk-e bademjan which I've blogged about before here and a vegan version here, as well as the rice paper veggie rolls I blogged about here.  True to tradition, the kashk-e bademjan was decorated with onions, garlic and kashk to reflect the spirit of the day.

I also made my first attempt at a cookie bouquet.  You've probably seen them before - giant cookies decorated for a particular event - birthday, get well, etc and arranged in a bouquet of sorts.  I had some extra sugar cookie dough on hand and decided to use it up making these.  It really wasn't that hard - I dug through my cookie cutters to find ones that would work (which reminded me once again of the ridiculous number of cookie cutters I own - where did they all come from?).  I rolled the dough out and for each cookie I cut two of the same shape.  I first put one down on parchment paper and then placed a wooden skewer on top - almost to the top edge of the cookie, and then placed another cookie on top and sort of pressed them together into the stick.

I ended up baking them longer and at a lower heat to get them cooked all the way through without getting too brown on the bottom.

For decorating I used a royal icing and then purchased a tube of fondant for writing.  I had a new galvanized bucket that I weighted down with a large can of tomatoes and then put in two blocks of florist's foam.  I tried to camouflage all of that with some tissue paper and then stuck in some silk roses for good measure.  It didn't turn out to be a good luck charm but it was still a fun project.


Noelle said...

My son was just accepted to University of Oregon and will officially be a Duck in the Fall! Vizslas AND ducks... so much in common :)

I am slowly moving towards more vegetarian meals, so am truly appreciative of your blog. Thanks again.

Guinnah said...

How exciting for your son - it is a great college town (and where I met my husband). Do you live in Oregon? Do you have a Vizsla?

Thanks for commenting!

Noelle said...

We live in Boise. However, I actually grew up just outside of Pasadena, less than a mile from the Rose Bowl (so yesterday's game was tremendous fun to watch, despite the final outcome).

Oh yes, we definitely have a Vizsla! His name is Rogan and we call him the Little Red Menace. We have two other dogs as well (insane, I know).

JGH said...

The whole spread is impressive, but I love that bouquet - and I'm not even a Ducks fan!

Also enjoyed seeing your highlights from the year!

Guinnah said...

Noelle - small world! Our V's are Bella (age 6) and her nephew Renzo (age 4). My hubby is campaigning for another - I've threatened it's me or a puppy. Can't fathom any more smothering vizsla love in this house.

JGH - don't tell me you're an Ohio State fan?? :-) The cookie thing was fun - would definitely do it again but it also makes it easier to see why they charge so darn much for those things!

Shaheen said...

Hi Guinnah,
I have just stumbled upon your blog and as a vegetarian I am so glad to discover it. I had never heard of cookie bouquets before, so Thank you for the introduction.

Happy New Year to you.