Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jicama Melon Salad

As an accompaniment to the black bean and sweet potato enchiladas I wrote about yesterday, we had a refreshing jicama and melon salad.  I've made something similar in the past  (and what I wrote about the Lena Horne connection still holds true).  I was lucky that the cantaloupe I picked out was pretty much perfect which helped a lot.  And I will admit that whenever I see the tiny $5 package of pomegranate seeds at Trader Joe's I think to myself  "who on earth would pay $5 for a handful of pomegranate seeds?"  Well, me as it turns out.  But they really made the salad.  The sweetness of the melon, the crispness of the jicama and then the unexpected pop of the pomegranate - perfect. I will definitely keep this one in rotation and when our pomegranates are ready this winter I am freezing the seeds so I don't have to buy them the rest of the year.

Glee is on tonight and the Sharks won.  Oh happy day.


sam said...

Mmmm, this looks good. I wonder if anyone in the house will eat it... I'll have to make it for my dad - he appreciates jicama :-)

JGH said...

Looks very refreshing - love the pomegranate seeds. I think they might just be worth the expense!

Guinnah said...

Sam - it's surprisingly not weird at all despite the combination...do your kids like jicama?

JGH - I decided it was definitely worth it to buy the pomegranate seeds. Without those I don't think it would have been nearly as interesting. I love jicama with chili and lime (in fact the guy working on the drainage project in our yard is eating it right now - I looked out the window to see him squeezing fresh lime and a LOT of chili powder in a bowl of jicama!)

Dani said...

This looks tasty. I have had jicama when eating out, but never prepared it at home.

I'll put this on the summer salad list!