Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Madness

When you have children in school, May is always that month that can (and usually does) break you.  It's the end of the season party, the band performance, open house, teacher's gifts, final projects and on and on.  It's May Madness and it is real.  But I don't have children in school, I have adults in college.  And yet May Madness has reared its ugly head empty nester style.  Lots of work related activities going on - went to a great private event at the 2010 Decorator Showcase in San Francisco and have been busy, busy working on our website.  Just last weekend we brought our youngest home from her freshman year of college.

Her final project in her painting class:

And here in the bay area, April showers brought May showers (I've taken to calling this month Mayvember - it is raining like crazy right now).   At least both my girls are finished with school for the semester so all is well!


JGH said...

Beautiful daughter -- and painting!! Enjoy your time together :-)

Guinnah said...

Thanks! The hard part is we had to leave the painting at her school for the summer (it was huge and still wet). I'm so worried something will happen to it. It's based on a few photos from our trip to Mexico last year she cut into strips and made into a collage. I love it!