Monday, June 21, 2010

Barbecued Corn - Persian Style

When I was a kid I loved corn on the cob.  It was boiled in a big pot on the stove, served with little corn shaped picks in the end and slathered with butter (or more likely margarine) and sprinkled with salt.  That, and watermelon, were the signs that summer had arrived.  Now that I live in California we get the watermelon and corn a little earlier and I cook it in a different way.

My husband grew up in Iran and has fond memories of street peddlers selling this grilled corn - or balal.  It's so simple and sooo good.  I can't imagine it any other way.   Before we had a gas grilled the corn would go right on the coals but it works on a gas grill as well (for that matter I suppose you could do it on your gas stove).  Just put the corn on the grill, close the lid and turn it occasionally as it cooks.  You will hear some popping - you want it to get to get dark but not blackened - it doesn't take very long.  The next step is what makes it different.  Prepare a large bowl of very warm water (that will hold all your corn) and dissolve in it, two tablespoons of salt.  Once the corn comes off the grill submerge it in the salted water.  It only needs to stay in for a few seconds (maybe 5-10). That's it - it is ready to eat, no butter, no extra salt, just as it is.

Happy Summer!


sam said...

Looks great! We will have to try that when the local corn finally comes in (which is probably still quite a ways off - we are on track for the coolest and wettest June ever...)

Guinnah said...

I've heard it's been wet up there. It hasn't been exactly summer here... a few days here and there. We had this corn again last night..it was over 90 degrees yesterday!

JGH said...

Great to have a butter-free way to fix corn!