Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Terra Bella Family Farm CSA: week one

Last week we went to the farmer's market here in town.  This is the first year for our farmer's market (they did a 4 week test run last year and it was apparently quite popular because now we have it every Thursday night - awesome!).  Most of our neighboring towns have a farmer's market so I could go to one pretty much every day if I wanted to - even the nearest Kaiser hospital has one every week.  But what I like about ours is that it goes into the evening.  The opening night of the market we grabbed our food, stashed it in the car then went to the local saloon (yes, they actually call it a saloon - The Roundup Saloon to be precise) for a beer and game of pool. After that we walked up the street to Yankee Pier restaurant (a first visit for us) and had a wonderful dinner.  A great night - this empty nest business is not so bad ;-)

Last Thursday it was cold and windy so much less inspiring!  But we picked up a half flat of organic strawberries, some organic kale, onions and lettuce.  Then hurried home to get warm!  But before we left we signed up to participate in Terra Bella Family Farm's  CSA.  They do a local pickup on Tuesdays so yesterday was pickup #1.  I came home with:
1 lb red onion
1 bunch collard greens
1 baguette
1 box of cherries
1 bunch Italian parsley
1 large bag of braising greens
1 head lettuce
2 lemons
2 lbs fava beans
1.5 lbs pluots

I was able to resist devouring the entire baguette on the ride home - in fact we made it last two nights (served four of us last night, three tonight).  The CSA provides a bakery item each week from Bibiane Bakery and I have to admit - as much as I love vegetables, I'm really looking forward to what that bakery item might be each week!

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