Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Weren't the 70's grand?  There's a whole lot of polyester in that picture.  What was it about pictures back then that no one looked in the same direction?

We had a wonderful father's day - we took the dogs to Ft. Funston for a day of fun, sun, water and woofing.  In short, it was dog heaven...(click on any picture to enlarge it)

They played in the ocean

Bella checked out a very scary rock - she barked at this for a  good long time

There were almost 30 vizslas on this walk!

Including an adorable puppy...named Bella!
There were Golden Retrievers playing Lion King
A 4.5 month old Great Dane puppy (puppy?!?)
But the best part was spending the day together - 
daddy and his girls
Happy Father's Day to the best husband and dad ever (besides my own of course :-))


Anonymous said...

Funny how you're grouped together in the picture as you now remain...
I absolutely LOVE V's hair. And, I think your legs, at that age, were about as tall as my entire person. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Plus, the day at the beach looks wonderful. Our weather in central Oregon was crap (I'm new, can you say crap on a cooking blog?). Anyhooo...the reason I was here was to comment on your SP&BB enchiladas. I made them Saturday night for Steve's parents and they were a big hit. As were the leftovers Neigel had for lunch on Sunday. Though I think I messed up. I bought - what I thought to be - ready made mole that I ended up having to "prepare". Plus, I want to know how you do this without making a complete mess of yourself. And, what do you think about adding grilled onion? -- Shannon

Guinnah said...

Funny, I hadn't noticed that in the picture (the formation or the legs) :-)
I'm glad they liked the enchiladas - did you get one of those jars of mole that have to mixed with broth? That's what I usually get but sometimes I can find the ones that are completely ready to go. As for the mess...maybe a mojito while you're cooking? Still messy but you won't care. Onions are welcome in almost any dish as far as I'm concerned. Sorry we'll miss you this weekend but we'll be back. Thanks for commenting - love you.

KleoPatra said...

This is such a great post, i'm so glad you directed me to it. Love the doggie pix and the circa 1970s photo (i love pix from that ear) as well as the current family photo gave my heart a lift... Such happy photographs...

Thanks Nancy!!

i love you!

KleoPatra said...

LOL, i meant pix from that ERA not EAR!! :)

Guinnah said...

Karen - I knew you'd appreciate those pooch pix! It was so fun...love you too :-)