Friday, July 02, 2010

Grilled Pizza with Swiss Chard, Black Olives and Feta

This isn't so much a recipe as an idea for using this week's CSA swiss chard.  I had some small "take and bake" cheese pizzas that I wanted to doctor up a bit.  So I washed and dried the chard,  removed the stems and chopped it into ribbons.  This was sauteed with two minced garlic cloves in a small amount of olive oil with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  I cooked it until the chard was completely tender (nothing worse than greens on a pizza that you can't bite through!).  This went on top of the pizza along with some sliced black olives and a sprinkling of feta cheese.

The crust on these was labeled as flatbread so it was probably a little sturdier than your average pizza crust - I figured it would stand up to going on the grill.  Most grilled pizza recipes call for grilling the crust first and that adding toppings once you've turned the crust. But since these were already made that wasn't an option!  I figured I'd take a chance. I sprayed my grill pan with olive oil (off the grill) and put the pizzas on over low heat and closed the lid.  After about five minutes the bottom was already dark and crisp.  I moved them away from the flame and let them sit a few minutes more (again with the lid closed) so that the cheese would melt.  The top wasn't browned and bubbly like it would be in the oven but the flavor was really good - definitely an option for those warm summer nights when turning on the oven sounds like a really bad idea!

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