Friday, July 23, 2010

Terra Bella Family Farm CSA: week eight

I'm so far behind this week...birthday month is in full swing.  We went out for the big 21st birthday on Wednesday, have company coming tonight, going to a 50th birthday party tomorrow and then hosting the whole family for a June/July birthday catch-up on Sunday.   Whew!

As usual, the CSA was full of wonderful things.  Our schedule was a little different this week at home and Tuesday didn't really feel like Tuesday - but once I picked up our share - all was well, it was Tuesday after all.  This week I brought home:

green beans
summer squash
gypsy peppers
eggplant (variety of choices)
yukon gold potatoes
red speckled troutback lettuce
honey wheat bread

Our own garden is coming along nicely though I am beginning to feel a bit like a losing contestant on "Are You Smarter Than a Squirrel" - they were so pleased with their harvest of our nectarine tree that they have moved onto the tomatoes.  I spotted this at the base of our rose 

The next day it was gone.  I usually call the dogs off when they are barking at the squirrels but at this point it is game on.  woof.


sam said...

Happy birthday to A! Enjoy all the celebrations.
I am glad not to have squirrels (though I wish the dog was more vigilant against the neighborhood cats who want to use our yard as a litterbox...). We have had such a wet year that we have a booming slug population-they've even eaten the radishes, which has never happened.

Vic Robinson said...

Happy Birthday. That table of veggies looks awesome! So much basil! :)

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Happy Birthday! The CSA harvest is a bounty of delights!

Bon appetit!