Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Terra Bella Family Farm CSA: week seven

Once again - an amazing collection of goods.  Driving home from the CSA pick-up my mind starts to wander as I think about what I'll make with all this wonderful food...

1 basket of baby plums
2 baskets of strawberries
1 bunch of carrots
1 bunch chard
summer squash
head of red leaf lettuce
herbs (I chose marjoram)
herb focaccia

In our own garden the tomatoes are ripening - I've managed to get a few each day the past few days.  We have a serrano chile that is sort of going crazy which is just fine for my pepper loving husband.  I'm still mourning the loss of the nectarines (too dramatic?) but feel better armed for next year.  I'm very excited about  our pomegranates this year.  Last year I think we got five pomegranates - this year it looks like we'll have at least twenty (provided there's not some roaming critter in the neighborhood who fancies pomegranates).  It's a really fascinating process - the growth of a pomegranate:

Our established citrus trees (two lemon, two orange) are full of tiny fruit and our new trees (grapefruit, lime, tangerine, another orange) are well on their way.  Even the little volunteer fig tree that we transplanted to the front yard seems to be very happy.  I love having these things to look forward to in the fall and winter.  There is nothing like pulling in to your driveway and picking a few oranges before you head inside!


Danielle said...

The produce from your CSA looks fantastic, but I'm more impressed with the pomegranate and other exotic fruit growing in your own garden!

Guinnah said...

Hi Danielle - I have to give credit to where I live (northern california) because it certainly isn't any amazing gardening skills. It's funny - I can look at a bare room and have a million ideas, but a bare patch of land, not so much. So I really appreciate the trees and plants that are willing to put up with my less than perfect attention! There is a pomegranate up the street from us that is the size of a small house - it is incredible!