Monday, July 26, 2010


In honor of the return of the best show ever (in my opinion anyway) I thought I'd post about a favorite cocktail we've been whipping up this summer.  Now I know there are purists who will say that just because you add "-tini" to the end of a word it doesn't make it a true Martini.  Fine, it's a ginger, vodka and lime cocktail served in a martini glass.  We first sampled this drink at The Walnut Creek Yacht Club (where there is neither water nor yachts) and loved it.   Naturally I set about figuring out how to make them at home.  I pretty much follow a recipe I found on the Food Network site except I use a lot more ginger in the simple syrup.  I made these the other day and let the mixture sit for awhile in the cocktail shaker before adding some ice and shaking it.  I really liked the way the flavors had blended - I think I'll be doing it that way in the future. 

Zentini (Ginger Martini)

2 oz. vodka
2 oz. ginger syrup (recipe follows)
1 sprig fresh mint
juice from half a lime

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with some crushed ice and shake to combine.  
Strain into a chilled martini glass.  

Ginger Syrup

4 cups water
2 cups sugar*
good sized piece of ginger (4-5") - original recipe calls for peeling and slicing into coins - I either grate it or shred it in the food processor and use all the pulp it creates PLUS the juice

Combine the water, sugar and ginger in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Cook at a simmer for about 20 minutes.  Strain into a glass bottle and let it cool before you use it.  I like to use these bottles from IKEA.

*I would love to try making this someday with stevia but haven't attempted it yet

I love the glass cocktail shaker in the picture.  My husband picked it up one day at a shop in San Francisco while killing time between meetings.  Mind you, we don't make many cocktails but it is still a pretty piece to look at on the shelf.  He also picked this up for me one day:

Really not sure what to make of THAT message but it is pretty funny.  My life isn't one in which I encounter a lot of flask-necessitating situations (read: never) but damned if I won't be ready for it if the needs arises.  Cheers and glad to have you back Don and Betty - oh how I've missed you.


Robin said...

Gorgeous flask and looks like a gorgeous drink! One of the last things my sister and I found in going through my mom's belongings was a flask, buried deep in her underwear drawer. Made you stand up and go hmmmmmmmmm. ;-)

Guinnah said...

omg Robin that is hilarious. I've come across many things in the various clean ups I've done but I think that one takes the cake! I should hide this one somewhere to create my own aura of mystery for someone in the future ;-)

sam said...

Ha! Love the 'aura of mystery' idea. DH has his grandfather's flask (their initials are the same) but I don't know that I would drink anything that went into it...
This sounds like a yummy cocktail. We have hit 100 degrees here and the a/c was malfunctioning at work today - usually it's too cold but it was 80 in my office. I was sick of drinking plain water and discovered that I still had some candied ginger in my desk - I had been adding it to my tea during the winter. I dropped a couple of chunks in my water glass and that livened up the taste. Now if I could only get away with cocktails at the office like Don and colleagues...

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Ginger syrup, mint, and lime juice with vodka sounds inviting...and refreshing too!

The flask...well...that sure is a great conversation piece!

Bon appetit!

Guinnah said...

sam - for cocktails at the office you could do what the teenagers do - put it in a gatorade bottle (do they think we're idiots? ;-)). The candied ginger in water sounds good - I bet it would be good in a lime sparkling water too. Bill's flask sounds interesting and good as a conversation piece if not a usable flask!

CCR - it really is a refreshing cocktail - just as good mixed with some sparkling water (well, almost as good!). Hmmm, might have to make that flask picture my new profile pic ;-)