Friday, August 20, 2010

Terra Bella Family Farm CSA: week twelve

Another amazing CSA share this week.  I was really happy to see the yellow cauliflower again!  This week's share included:

2 baskets of mixed cherry tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes
green butterhead lettuce
summer squash 
eggplant (or cucumbers but we are inundated from our garden right now)
choice of peppers
chocolate zucchini muffin

We loved the tomato salad that I made last week, so much so that I made it again.  The corn was fantastic - I prepared it in our usual way, Persian style.   The chocolate zucchini muffin?  Well, it was the first to go ;-)

It's that time of the summer where everything is looking a little droopy and tired (including me!) - even though I'm watering in the afternoons as well the morning on those really hot days.  We are getting a fair amount of tomatoes, lots of cucumbers and the serrano chiles are insane.  I guess the fact that we never went on vacation this summer worked out well for the garden!

We did have a nice little getaway last weekend to my best friend's cabin in the woods.  It's an adorable cabin built by her grandparents many years ago.  You can tell the fun they had building it - their friends would join them on the weekends and this collage wallpaper in the hallway is a testament to the fun they had ;-)

It's right across from the lake

And near the adorable town of Murphys where Ana did her first wine tasting at the Frog's Tooth Vineyard tasting room
We love spending time with these friends - and I love how their daughter looks like she could be one of ours
Great weekend!

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