Friday, July 29, 2011

Lavosh Crackers

If I were to admit to a food weakness it would be cheese (or dip) and crackers.  I could eat crackers with some kind of topping every day - I don't, but I could.  I remember as a kid eating that pimento cheese out of a jar on top of triscuits (and of course that jar then became our juice glass - old school recycling).  And many a sleepover was spent with a box of wheat thins and ranch dip (and Tiger Beat magazine with Leif Garrett on the cover).  Even my favorite sweet treat as a kid was graham crackers with peanut butter on it.

These days there are so many more choices for crackers.  But the fancier the cracker the higher the price tag.  I see those flatbread crackers and they are charging four or five dollars for a tiny package of what is, essentially, dried bread.  So this isn't a recipe as much as a tip for easy to make crackers using lavosh from the grocery store.  The lavosh I used was from Whole Foods but Trader Joe's sells it as well - what I like about the lavosh from these stores is that it comes in nice even rectangles.  The lavosh at the Middle East market, while more authentic, comes in very large, oddly shaped sheets and tends to be a little thinner and not as durable for a cracker.  You can bake these in one large sheet and then break them in to rustic, free form shapes or you can embrace your inner Virgo and cut them into a more uniform size.  For my book club the other night I cut them using a patterned craft scissor to create a scalloped edge  (I keep all kinds of non-kitchen items in my kitchen)
Next I lay them out on a baking sheet and spray each side lightly with olive oil using a mister like this.  Then it's a matter of adding whatever seasoning you like - I did one batch of sea salt and cracked pepper, one with gomasio (sea salt and sesame seeds) and one with Greek seasoning.  Bake at 400 degrees for 7-8 minutes (but watch your first batch carefully just in case to figure out what is right for your oven and baking sheet).  Then cool on a rack.
These make light, crispy crackers that are still (in the words of the architect husband) "structurally sound."


JGH said...

looks pretty easy - would you believe I've never made homemade crackers? I may try this!

My brother and I had a thing for "Wheatables" - we used to laugh because for a while there was a sign on the box that said "Now More Snackable!" like they weren't snackable before??

Mindy said...

Um, ahem, I'm sitting here right now, with a bowl of Wheat Thins and slices of cheddar - looking at the bowl, looking at the post, looking at the bowl...Should I feel guilty? 'Cause I don't. And I DO eat crackers pretty much every day. This one is my fave, but I love me some Ritz with cheese and apples. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or Triscuits - just finished off a box of those earlier this week. lol

I buy the TJ's lavash all the time for roll-ups for the kids. I'm definitely buying two bags next time so I can try these.

Lynn said...

I clearly need to go shopping for some craft scissors! We don't have WF or TJ's, but I think I may have seen lavosh at Earth Fare. Love quick and easy.

Guinnah said...

I know! I love my craft scissors :-) It's so easy - I really love these crackers.

mesh said...

Love this! I think my girls will, too. Thanks for sharing!