Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back on my head

This is what we always say in our household when it's time to get back to work "alright then, back on my head" - it's from a very bad joke - one that probably isn't appropriate on a blog that talks about food. Alright then...

I haven't blogged but I've been super busy.  And now that all of the busy-ness is over I am exhausted!  We saw one kid off to new adventures in far away lands (or Nebraska, same difference)

My best friend and I managed to pull off planning a successful 30th high school reunion - we had a great time and wondered where all the years have gone.  We have known each other since we were four years old.  This is us at 15:

And at...well, you can do the math:
 Then days after driving home from Oregon I turned around and drove down to LA to get the other kid settled into her new house at school.  We had a fun night before we left - we went to see Taylor Swift in concert.  A nice mommy-daughter night, though the shrieks of the young girls was truly deafening.  

And today is our 25th wedding anniversary (and last week was my birthday).  Do you see what I mean?  There has been a lot going on!  

So now it is back on my head.